Tips to Help Beginner Golfers Feel At Ease during Golf Lessons

 Do you want to take golf lessons London but feel intimidated to begin? If so, you are not alone! Most people who want to start playing golf feel intimidated due to the game’s association with the business world. This brings a type of seriousness and mystique to the game.  However, let us tell you that golf is just like any other game with specific rules and techniques to play. It will also get you on the field, help you get some exercise, and time to socialize with other players.  

 To help you feel at ease with playing golf in the long run, here are a few tips to follow.

Don’t feel pressured by others

Most beginners, like you, feel stressed and pressured when playing with others. You might feel that others are playing better than you and hence you won’t stand a chance against them in a play. However, the reality is that any seasoned player will be glad to help you learn and make your game better. Just let them know you have just begun to learn the ropes of the game and they will happily guide you in the right direction. 

Get to learn golf etiquette

Just like table etiquette, you have golf etiquette. As a beginner, you must pay attention to learning these etiquettes. It includes the following:  

  • Don’t talk when someone is hitting the ball. 
  • When someone is trying to hit, don’t walk in front of them. 
  • When someone is putting, don’t stand behind them.  

When you are taking beginner golf lessons London, your coach will always remind you of these etiquettes. Our advice is to learn them rather than getting offended. Every moment in a golf lesson is a learning opportunity for the player. 

Don’t keep score

As a beginner, we advise you not to keep score while playing. Initially, it is more important for you to finish some holes rather than keeping a score. Also, when playing a hole, don’t hit the ball more than 10 times. You can move to the next hole and come back to the previous hole later. This will help you finish as many holes as possible without letting others wait too long for their turn.

Don’t panic when learning rules

During your golf lesson, you will be taught game rules. Try to learn them rather than panicking. In fact, golf is the only outdoor game which comes with a rule book and decision book. While playing the game, you will break some rules and it is this exact moment when you will learn the rules. Hence, don’t get offended when someone helps you notice the broken rule and corrects it. 

Always learn from a pro

Make sure to learn golf London lessons from a pro golfer. Pro golfers who have taught others to play the game for years would be a great choice. For example, our instructors at Forest City Golf Academy have played and taught several learners to play golf accurately following the rules and etiquettes.  

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