"Be your Best"

All athletes have coaches and so should you, You will learn more from personal golf lessons than you will from any YouTube Video,

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Fix that slice or hook.
Improve your short game.
Become an excellent putter.


Forest City Golf Academy’s professional indoor golf training facility is here to help you improve your game. You get CGTF certified instruction, with a fun and caring instructor. Your golf game will improve quickly, adding more fun and enjoyment to this great sport.

Professional Indoor Golf Training

Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced

All athletes including pros have coaches and so should you. Forest City Golf Academy can definitely help you get started if you are a beginner. We can drastically improve your game if you are intermediate players. For experienced players we can help refine your game to reach that next level.

Get the most fun, enjoyment and best score out of your game with your own personal golf coach at Forest City Golf Academy.

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CGTF Certified Instruction

We help golfers of all ages and ability. Each professional golf lesson is tailored to your specific needs. Your skill level and comfort determines the lesson. If you have never played, John will teach you to golf better with a lesson. He loves teaching all levels of golfers, from beginner to experienced.

John is a Level 3 Teaching Professional certified by the CGTF. If you are just getting started or if you are already playing well, John will take your game to a new level.

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Golf Lessons For Everyone

Every golf lesson is tailored to your specific needs, skill level and comfort. John will maximize your potential as a golfer. He loves helping young golfers and beginners start off right with great golf foundations. Golf is a game you can play for life and starting off with a solid foundation will only add to your enjoyment and potential in this great sport.

Experienced golfers can fix issues with their game and improve their score. John helps experienced golfers achieve their maximum potential and enjoyment of their golf game.

Be your Best

Our Happy Golfers' Feedback

I have gone to a couple of lessons with John. One lesson focused on my chipping. John identified my shortcomings and gave me insight on how I can improve my shots. I am chipping onto greens more often than I ever have before. In another lesson John recognized an issue with my turn on the take away. My ball striking is now consistently longer and straighter. I am very appreciative of his expertise.

By Gail Brown

John picked up an issue with my putting alignment, so we got to work on my set up and pre-shot routine. He definitely unlocked something and I’ve been putting beautifully since. In fact, a few weeks later I had one of my best rounds ever, shooting a 66.  My putting has been the most-improved part of my game this year, thanks to my session with John.

By Rod Black

I booked a lesson with John where he video recorded my swing and detailed all the adjustments I needed to make in order to improve my distance, accuracy and consistency. He also shared several drills that would help improve my ball striking. I took his advice very seriously and I diligently practiced his prescribed regiment. I am now playing the best golf of my life. He also taught me the necessary skills to fine tune my swing on the fly. I have a much better understanding of my swing now and can fix it much quicker and easier when it gets out of tune. I recommend John’s expertise to anyone who is seeking to get to the next level in their game.

By Mike Zarkovich

When I went to see John I was struggling with my ball striking. I took 3 lessons with him and he was able to fix some issues I had with my swing that no one else could. He got me in better positions and gave me drills to improve my ball striking and distance. I would highly recommend John if your looking to improve your golf game.

By Bradley Morgan

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