5 Things Your Beginner Golf Lessons in London Will Focus On!

Do you want to learn to play golf? Have you never played golf before but are interested in learning the game and pursuing it as a low impact physical activity or maybe a sports career? In any case, you are clearly a beginner. And being a beginner at anything can be daunting and overwhelming. However, we suggest you not back down and take on this new challenge by taking beginner golf lessons London from a reputed golf academy in the area.

Knowing what you will be taught at the lesson can help reduce your beginner anxiety and set you up for learner success. Here’s what you will be taught at beginner golf lessons apart from golf rules and fundamentals. 

• Posture

During the lessons, you will be taught to develop a good posture while playing. Your posture can make or break your gold shots. Hence, listen to your instructor while they give directions to maintain a steady posture. 

• Grip

Having a good grip of the club can help you pull better and more accurate shots. During the golf lessons London, your instructor will explain how to hold the club with your hands. They will tell you what it means to have a neutral or weak grip and how it can affect your shots. 

• Stance

Apart from good posture, you must also embody the right stance to become a good golfer. Your stance will affect your swing and thus the quality of your shots. Your instructor will explain how much distance should be between your feet while standing to swing. They will also explain how you should distribute your weight while standing to make an accurate swing. 

• Alignment

It is important to align your club head with the target line. This will increase accuracy and help you make consistent shots. 

• Swing

One of the most important things to learn during your golf lessons is how to make an accurate and powerful swing. A two-piece takeaway is one of the ways to make consistent swings. Moreover, you must keep your head down when you are making a swing. And your head must follow through as you pull your swing.  

Having a professional golf instructor teaching you this and more during beginner lessons can improve your chances of learning the game efficiently. You will also get the benefit of professional evaluation along with access to professional equipment.  

You can get in touch with us at Forest City Golf Academy to learn golf London. We have golf lessons for beginner, intermediate and pro players. We also welcome learners of all ages starting from kids, teens, adults and elderly.  

Contact us now to find out more. 

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