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John Timbrell

John is the head teaching professional at Tarandowah Golfers Club. Ranked 32 best public coarse in Canada and host to the 2023 U.S. Amateur and 2024 RBC Open qualifier. John is certified with the CGTF golf federation, a member of the PGA of Canada, and has been teaching golf since 1998. While training for the CPGA tour and caddying on the PGA tour, John took many lessons from different coaches across Canada and the U.S. John recently studied under Allen Terrell PGA tour coach and long-time teacher to Dustin Johnson. He also studied under PGA tour putting coach Ralph Bauer, and PGA tour swing coach Scott Cowx. John is bringing tour-quality teaching to London, from some of the worlds best PGA tour coaches in golf. John has been certified under Ralph Bauer as a Tour Read Instructor. He has gained a vast amount of knowledge on the golf swing, course management and mental focus from his own experiences to some of the best in the game.

John believes all golf swings are unique and no one swing is alike.

Experienced in teaching all levels of golfers; from juniors up to seniors and beginners to collegiate players. His focus is patience, kindness, fun and a clean comfortable learning environment.
John helps you understand your faults and gives you solid practice routines to improve them. Using Flightscope Doppler radar & video technology, John can deduce and correct these errors quickly. This will give more time to practice and instil the correct moves during a 1-hour lesson. Focusing on swing mechanics, solid fundamentals, swing path and club face direction, you will learn to self diagnose on and off the coarse and have a clear understanding of your ball flight direction.


John also specializes in the short game, under 80 yards, and will teach you pitching, punching, chipping, sand, flopping, putting and more. The short game is much forgotten by amateurs and is recognized as 70% of the golf game according to PGA tour professionals. (Want to shoot low? This is a must.)

John also works on mental focus and physical fitness to help you be your best inside and out. Golf is a game of love and enjoyment and should not be a game of disappointment and anger. He can work around injuries, handicaps and will give you a comfortable swing that you can rely on, game after game.

You are here for the love of golf, a clear understanding of your swing and a lifetime of enjoyment. John is here to be your teacher. John does this work because he loves the game of golf and being a teacher is his greatest joy, especially when he sees others succeed.

“Be your Best”

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