Have you enrolled in indoor golf lessons London Ontario? If so, you might be excited at the prospect of learning indoor golf. Indoor golf is a great way to learn golfing before you start playing on the traditional golf course. Moreover, it gives a chance to beginners and pros alike to improve their game effectively. Now, if you have been studying indoor golf, you might already know that having the right golfing club can be a game-changer for your lessons and games. So, you must keep a few things in mind when selecting your golf club for indoor golf lessons.

  • Learn about virtual courses

An indoor golf course will offer you different types of virtual courses on the simulator. Each virtual course will have different fairway lengths, hazards, and green speeds. Knowing these features of a virtual course can help you select the right club to get the perfect shot.

  • Consider the elevation and wind

While playing on the traditional golf course, you will consider the wind direction and elevation to select the right club. Similarly, when you are playing indoor golf, the virtual simulator will offer you the wind direction and elevation. This will affect the shot trajectory and distance. To ensure you get the desired trajectory and distance, choose the club accordingly.


  • Consider the distance

When playing in indoor golf lessons London Ontario, make note of the distance achieved with each club in your bag. Your simulator will provide you with comprehensive data on each shot distance. Knowing which club helped you achieve a certain distance can help you make the right choice for the next shot.

  • Consider the hazard

Virtual simulators will provide you with hazards, rough terrain, bunkers, and more. This makes the game closer to the traditional golf course challenges. In such a situation, you must understand the hazard and choose the club that provides you with a higher chance of reaching the hole.

  • Refine your strategy

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can always refine your strategy. Keeping a record of the types of clubs used, shots achieved, distance covered, and more can help you make the right decision when taking your indoor golf lessons London. This can help you streamline your play strategy and score more holes during the play.


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